Healing Emotional State Protocol

Healing Emotional State Protocol

Het Healing Emotional State Protocol is voor eigen gebruik om jezelf te ontdoen van negatieve gedachten en conflict gerelateerde emoties. Doet zich dit voor bij jou dan is het heel nuttig dit protocol te gebruiken, zodat ons gezamenlijk Grid van Licht in tact blijft en verstevigd wordt. Het protocol is aangereikt door het contact met de Pleiadiërs. Het is hun wens ons te ondersteunen zodat we alle negatieve invloeden op ons lichaam kwijtraken, vooral op ons emotionele lichaam. Het (regelmatig) uitvoeren van het protocol laat genezing en heling plaats vinden zodat wij met elkaar ons Lichtwerk kunnen blijven doen.

De Godin wil Liefde en Liefde die er zijn!

Bron: We Love Mass Meditation van 17 september 2018

Vertaling in NL door Veronica van Info-Blog The Event-NL: Belangrijke Meditatie Protocol voor Genezing van Emotionele Gesteldheid & Onbalans

It has been communicated by Pleiadians that we are now entering a new stage of Planetary Liberation where our emotions will be heavily triggered to create conflicts in our lives. This will be done through the veil/implant technology by planting pictures and ideas in our minds against each other.


It is revealed that our individual emotional weaknesses are known by the controllers and our online communications will become a primary battleground designed to create a collapse in the Lightworker Community. Our relationships which are not associated with this community may also be affected.

Therefore, Pleiadians are asking us to minimize the use of online communications and to focus our attention on remaining calm at all times.

Although we usually believe that we are clear in our online communications, a lot of times these communications are misunderstood by others because of past-traumas/emotional-programmings as well as exploitation of language/cultural barriers. So as Cobra has stated in the post below, it is now very important to refrain from interpersonal conflicts by choosing non-reaction and conscious positive action instead of reaction to events around you.


It is of the utmost importance that we put forth our intention daily towards having harmonious communications.

If you start to feel fear, worry, resentment, guilt, anger, hate, shame, jealousy and other negative emotions, you can use the following technique to heal your emotional state.


1. Bring yourself to a relaxed state of consciousness by giving your attention to your deep breathing for a few minutes.

2. Visualize yourself in a golden sphere. Visualize that the golden light in this sphere is warming up your whole body, your solar plexus area and healing all emotions causing you pain. Visualize that this golden light is shining on your face like you are watching the sun at sunrise. Imagine all external thoughts and pictures are dissolving in this sun light. Stay in this sphere as long as you are so guided. You can also invite others into this sphere for healing.

3. Now you can use ‘connecting to your higher self protocols’ to bring yourself to a higher level of understanding to heal lower emotions:


You can also listen to the “Love Signal” sound track while working on this clearing:

Please be reassured that everything will be okay. Stay calm and use this period to perform inner work and clear your energy bodies.

For further information on emotional stillness and healing, you can see the link below:


Victory of the Light!

NU Thuis De Godin Verankeren!

Thuis kun je je ook in de Goddess Mediaties laten begeleiden door naar onderstaande video’s te luisteren.

Je hoeft niet te wachten tot je eerstvolgende Sisterhood of the Rose bijeenkomst om jouw bijdrage te leveren in het verankeren van De Godin. Zie in de Meditatie pdf hoe je de Goddess Vortex Meditation en de Return of the Goddess Meditation moet doen. Dit is de pdf van Sexual Healing Meditatie. Bewaar de pdf’s door deze voor jezelf te downloaden.

Goddess Vortex Meditatie

Return of the Goddess Meditatie

Sexual Healing Meditatie

De komende Sisterhood of the Rose bijeenkomsten

SotR Bijeenkomst @Amsterdam

25 april @ 19:30 - 21:30


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